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1 USD = 1 HUSD

Every dollar you deposited will be transferred to your Huobi Global account in the form of HUSD balance in a 1:1 ratio.

Deposit Steps

Click Deposit Now, register and complete KYC process on

Transfer money from your bank account to Stcoins account.

Paste the HUSD deposit address of your Huobi Global account, set it as the coin receiving address on

Submit a HUSD purchase order on, your Huobi Global account will be credited with HUSD once Stcoins processes your order.

How HUSD works?

HUSD is a stable coin issued by Stable Universal (, a Huobi Capital invested company which is compliant with US regulation.

Transfer USD to your account and submit a HUSD purchase order.

Use your Huobi Global HUSD deposit address in the purchase order and receive HUSD in your Huobi Global account.

Withdraw HUSD from your Huobi Global account to your Stcoins account’s redemption address.

Stcoins destroys HUSD you withdrew and credits your account the equivalent amount of USD which you can transfer to your bank account.

No commission fee with depositing USD and get HUSD to your Huobi Global account.

Start trading digital assets on Huobi Global after USD deposits.

All USD deposits and withdrawals are securely conducted via a fully regulated U.S. trust company.

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