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Your current fee
  • Huobi uses the step rate by default(enjoy lower discount with certain amount of HT). Users may choose to open the Point deduction of fees. How-to-use is detailed in "More details";
  • Please refer to the relevant announcements for any promotional rates or changes.
  • Special rate and step fee rate are mutually exclusive. After using special rate, step fee rate (including HT deduction) or point card deduction will not be supported.
Table of Tiered Rates

Past 30d trading volume - -BTC

HTOpen Interest - -HT

Professional users holding 100,000 HT can enjoy 35% discount

  • User level will be determined by total HT holding and trading amount(BTC) in recent 30 days, the sub-account and parent account will be added up;
  • Trading amount(BTC) in recent 30 days are calculated at 0:00(GMT+8) every day. BTC conversion rule: converting the closing price of BTC trading pair at 0:00(GMT+8) daily;
  • HT holdings captured by the taken on the previous day will be regarded as HT holdings of the day
  • User level and fee rate are updated at 4:00(GMT+8) every day
Ordinary users
HT holdings
Maker/HT deduction
Taker/HT deduction
Professional users
Total amount in recent 30 days(BTC) & HT holdings
Maker/HT deduction -25% /
hold 100,000 HT -35%
Taker/HT deduction -25% /
hold 100,000 HT -35%